Nugget Project Parts - PLEASE READ!

To order anything on this page please message me with the details! I accept paypal or bank transfer.

All parts in this shop I created for my own car and found that others wanted them too which is very cool 🙂
Most parts are 3d printed on my home printer, and due to that they aren’t perfect, I do everything in my power to make the parts as strong and as asthetically pleasing as possible but without high end machinery it’s not always possible, so please be aware that there will be print line and some blobs and imperfections from time to time.

Other than that please know that every cent I make from these items goes either into the nugget or the creation of videos.
Thank you to everyone who has purchased something so far, your support is much appreciated and i hope you find that extra tenth of a second out on track! 🙂

Hyundai Excel X3 Brake Cooling Ducts - $70 (plus $10 shipping anyhwere in Aus)

These brake ducts are designed to fit in the factory fog light holes and mount up to the same brackets, the kit comes with cap head bolts, washers and nyloc nuts.
Shipping within Australia is $10
The ducts are available with 3 different outlet sizes, 80mm, 76mm and 64mm, however if you desperately want a different size let me know and i’ll see what i can do.
Ducts are 3d printed in PETG, a strong heat resistant plastic.
NOTES: *Please check the pictures to make sure you have the same style front bumper, the excels came with a few different types of bumper.
*These ducts are designed to funnel the air into your ducting hose, however you will need to support the hose behind the bumper, don’t hang the weight of the hose off the duct as it may break the duct and/or the bumper.
*As these parts are 3d printed, there are print lines and funky little patterns, i’m working on improving quality with every print, however all blemishes are just aesthetic and don’t affect the strength at all.

Roll Cage Cooling Vents - $65 (plus $10 shipping with Aus)

These cabin cooling ducts are available in two different styles:

Style 1: The wrap around that curls around the top bar of the rollcage, these work great, however they do need a gap of approximately 35mm between the top bar of the cage and the roof to be able to fit.

Style 2: This is a direct duct that straps to the cage and you can point in any direction you want.

Both styles take a 76mm or 3inch hose and are made out of durable PETG. 

If you are in need of a window insert to funnel air into your cabin please contact my team mate Aaron Semler at Aaron Semler Motorsport on facebook, he makes window inserts for excels, E30s and RX8s.

One piece gauge pod assembly for X3 Hyundai Excel - $60 (plus $10 shipping anywhere in Aus)

This new gauge assembly completely replaces the central dash air vent cluster and mounts up to the stock mounting holes. Available to fit either 52mm or 67mm gauges.
** This assembly is hard to install with the dashboard in, it’s possible but difficult, i’d suggest installing it while the dash is out during roll cage installation.**
Please bare in mind this is a 3d printed product made from strong and durable PETG, however because of that there are visible print lines in the product, if you want you can sand, fill and paint them or use a flocking kit to hide the print marks. 

Air Con Delete kit for X3 Hyundai Excel - $70 (plus $10 shipping anywhere in Aus)

Shipping is $10 anywhere in Australia.
Youtube instructions are here:
Please watch the clip to make sure this kit is what you are after.
These adapters allow you to take out the internal Air con system in the cabin yet still run the heater, it bridges the gap between the blower fan and the junction box.
The kit includes the two adapters and brackets, 6 screws needed and the 100mm flex pipe.
These pieces are 3d printed in PETG, some print lines will be present but won’t affect the functionality 🙂

Cotton Long sleeve track day tops - $45 (plus $10 shipping anywehre in Aus)

Cotton long sleeve track day tops are a must if you’re out on track, just about every track,drag or drift day rules state you need long sleeves so ehre is your answer!
Available in Black or Grey Mahl.
Every cent i make out of these goes into the Nugget Project and helping me build new cars and film videos for you guys and girls 🙂

$10 shipping anywhere in Australia, if you are buying mulitple i can combine shipping.

Vinyl cut race names - $40 a pair

These names are cut from either White Oracle 651  or Metamark 7 vinyl with an outdoor rating of 5 years minimum (info from the manufacturer) the names fit with in the Motorsport Australia Schedule K regulations for font and size, just let me know your name and i’ll cut your name to go on both your rear windows 🙂 $40 including delivery Australia wide

Vinyl cut race numbers - $28

Race Numbers for your front windscreen, made from Oracle 6510 Vinyl and to fit to Schedule K of the Motorsport Australia guidelines up to 3 digits, $28 including delivery Australia wide